Hi! I am Ghyslain

I am a Product Manager with a blend of product, analytics, and machine learning experience along with a passion for entrepreneurship.


As Data Product Manager at InReach Ventures, I help transform the industry of venture capital through the development of our scalable investment workflow and automated proactive outreach - leveraging data and artificial intelligence.

My passion for entrepreneurship led me to start Indie London – a series of events for entrepreneurs, developers, and bootstrappers who wish to connect, learn and share their experience of running a business.

If you would like to get in touch, we can connect on Twitter or Linkedin.


Indie London

Founder (March 2018 - Present)


Indie London is the largest community worldwide of indie makers helping each other start and grow profitable online businesses.

I organise quarterly events with practical and visionary talks from experienced speakers, hosting up to 100 inspired attendees at top locations in London.

We welcome bootstrappers, solo founders, software engineers, designers, product managers… Even if they are just starting out: we’re a community all about sharing and growing as a group.

Our previous partners and sponsors include Stripe, Cloudflare, EmailOctopus and Balsamiq.

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Founder (June 2017 - February 2018)

cryptoprophet was a freemium forecasting SaaS used by over 700 cryptocurrency enthusiasts to predict and track prices via Telegram.

The project is now closed but you can read more about the journey:


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